Some Cool WhatsApp Tricks you really Don’t Know…….

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Hey Guy’s Technadeal is here now with some cool tips and tricks related with internet and Gadgets. WhatsApp has became of the most common and unleavable source for being connect with our Friends and Community. In this Blog, You are going to find some cool and very useful WhatsApp Tricks and tips (including videos) like sending Bold, italics or strikethrough Texts, sending message in new Font and much more.

WhatsApp Tricks

Before you proceed, Make sure your WhatsApp is Updated to the latest version available. Let’s Start…..

1) Send Bold, Italics Or Strikethrough Text In WhatsApp

1)  BOLD

For Sending a Bold Text just add an asterisk (*) before and after the text. For example *Technadeal*



For sending an italics Text just add an Underscore (_) before and after the text . For example _Technadeal_



For sending a strikethrough text Just add tilde (~) before and after the text. For example ~Technadeal~




2) Send Your Message In New Font In Whatsapp

Just enclose your message as in given pic below to send your message in a completely new font.


3) Change Phone Number Keeping The Same Account

You don’t need to get worried If you have just changed your sim, that what will happen to your account. Here is a solution for it..


Go to Settings >> Account >>> Change Number and Proceed further to change the phone number keeping the same account.

4) Invite Friends To Join Your Group By Sending Them Invitation Links

Now you can invite your friends to join your groups by sending them group invitation links.

Note: You have to be the admin of the group to generate its invitation link.

Open the chat group that you are an admin of. Now click on the 3 dots icon at the top to view a list of options >Group info >>At the top right corner of the screen that opens up, you’ll be able to see an add participant icon. Click on it >>> Or you can click on the Add participant option under the Participants section as well >>>> Invite to group via link.  That’s it. You will get to share the invite link for your group with your friends from here. You can choose an option through which you can share the invite link.


You can Deactivate Link By Revoking It

If you ever want to stop people from joining your group by using this link, you can always revoke the link. For that, simply click on the Revoke link option.


5) Mention Friends By Tagging Them In Groups

You can now use the @ symbol in groups to mention your friends and reply to their messages specifically.

Open a chat group in Whatsapp > In the text filed, type the @ symbol and wait a second. The names of all the group members will now come up before you as shown in the screenshot given below. Click on the name of the friend that you want to mention in your message.


Now you can just type in your message and hit the Send button. Once the message is sent, you can try clicking on the name of your friend. It will be highlighted in a different colour.

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