Some Cool WhatsApp Tricks you really Don’t Know…….

Hey Guy’s Technadeal is here now with some cool tips and tricks related with internet and Gadgets. WhatsApp has became of the most common and unleavable source for being connect with our Friends and Community. In this Blog, You are going to find some cool and very useful WhatsApp Tricks and tips (including videos) like sending Bold, italics or strikethrough Texts, sending message in new Font and much more.

WhatsApp Tricks

Before you proceed, Make sure your WhatsApp is Updated to the latest version available. Let’s Start…..

1) Send Bold, Italics Or Strikethrough Text In WhatsApp

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How to Find Nearby ATM with Cash ?

After the ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes in India finding an ATM with cash is a huge task. After waiting hours & hours in ATM’s only few lucky peoples gets the cash. Nearly 60% peoples return home without cash. Everybody want to know which ATM have cash so they can use it. There is a way to Find Nearby ATM with cash.

Find Nearby ATM

Tip – If you don’t see result for your PIN code please enter a nearby PIN code of your area.

How to Find Nearby ATM with Cash ?
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